Driving with Energy

We live in a world where we base our talents off the abilities of others. I myself, have been a slave to this practice in an endless path to nowhere, often called “Piggy Backing”. Fortunately for me, my endless path lead to somewhere; somewhere with a passion for the freedom to believe in yourself and to co-create with others to build a new system…that path was BoominGroup.

One night I came across the Netflix Documentary series “Chef’s Table” and knew immediately that I must share this episode with my team. The series documents the culinary lives of 6 internationally renowned chefs and their passion and drive for their dreams. The episode in question that sparked my mind expansion this past week was from Argentinian chef, Francis Mallmann. His views on personal energy, leadership, and teamwork reminded me of everyday life as a member of BoominGroup.

In the opening monologue, Mallmann gives light to his childhood dream that “Freedom is living life on your own terms”…the freedom of believing in yourself, where as to not be led by anyone but yourself. He shares this message through cooking, and sharing his culinary genius with a team of cooks who have the same drive and charisma for food as he does, experience or not – his gypsy staff.

Mallmann believes that a great team is built over time, that each team is built through the energy of its people and that energy is what attracts other leaders to join in the team. It’s these leaders that Mallmann pushes his energy into to create what many think in cooking is failure, but Mallmann sees as a fine-tuned technique, the art of burnt cooking.

The resounding point in my mind, and what I am constantly learning from experience each day, is a shared energy for the love of what you are creating as a team. Energy being defined through spirit, awareness and drive that, when co-creating, becomes the accelerating force for the creation of all great things. This is not to say that a project is easily executed because of energy, but rather that the energy put forth by the team helps solve even the most complicated of problems through communication and understanding.

When we believe in ourselves, understanding truly who we are and the amount of talent and energy that we attain we are able to transfer that energy positively into our work, team and every day lives. It is in this idea that Mallmann believes a great team is built and becomes sustainable.

How does energy affect your team? When you study your team, can you pick out the leaders and recognize how their positive energy influences the coworkers around them? And lastly, how does your energy as a teammate in your company radiate? These are some of the questions that I have been contemplating in the past few weeks, as I continue to grow and build my positive energy around our office.

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