Business and the Heart

business and heart

The action “connect to your heart,” or “follow your heart,” is often heard as guidance for life, yet has been kept separate from business, until now.

For us, the heart, sometimes referred to as “our intuition” or “gut feeling,” no matter how we prefer to label it, is so much more than just an organ or a mere feeling; it’s the creative force of the Universe speaking through us. It’s the essence of our spiritual and emotional wisdom, valuable guidance from deep within. The Heart is at the core of all we do. We review, measure, plan, and act in accordance with the Heart, during each step of the journey. We believe that the intention and impulse to build a business or bring an idea to market comes from the heart – the place of wisdom and creativity within ourselves.

Our mind is capable of the most beautiful creative works of art, business being one of them. The mind is the root of brilliant scientific and financial theories and the origin of innovative solutions for complicated problems. Yet, the mind can also be caught up within the boundaries and limitations of the physical life and the fear that comes with it. At times, the mind can be completely out of touch with our true essence, the source of wisdom and creation emanating from within and the knowledge of who we truly are.

The heart is vital and essential. Our work as entrepreneurs is to connect to the heart so that our actions are undertaken with the heart – the mind with the heart, the body with the heart, intelligence with the heart, rationale with the heart. When heart energy permeates what we do, our businesses very naturally benefit ourselves, each other, and our communities.

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Business and the Heart

The action “connect to your heart,” or “follow your heart,” is often...
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