Business is One – Wholeness in Business

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What is wholeness in business? Traditionally we’ve understood business as the exchange between time, talent and money. Along the way, we’ve lost our connection to our own power to create. We fail to realize that our power to create is natural in each of us. Once we tap into this creative power of ours, we can then develop a system for delivering our value. How we deliver our value and hence how we get compensated for it is how business has been defined in the article, “Business is One.” With an integrated approach, business then becomes a mechanism to deliver your value and attain wholeness in business.

In this podcast, we hear from Katherine Silveira, one of the founding members of BoominGroup. She talks about her article and the freedom we can experience to pursue the business of our dreams.

Before listening to this episode, read Business is One, by Katherine Silveira.

Read: Business is One.

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