The Joy of Feeling the Unknown – A BOOMINGROUP POEM

With what I think I know I create thoughts, dream,
relate to people

and act with the things I don’t.

Cascading invitations to know our precious worthiness, pulling me in, embracing me wholly.

Permission to be,
permission to dive,
permission to seek and be found.

Step into a light, not seen but felt,
showing me the light to feel the void of night, navigating the valleys I reach the summit.

Love is all, love is in me.


The dreams of millions are at stake.

Sight is not enough to see
what all my thoughts and heart can project.

Surrendering myself to the unknown, everything is right with me,
nothing is wrong with me.

I continue the exploration
and I still don’t know what normal is.

Every new discovery takes me to meet this new person, exactly as I imagine this beautiful human being.

I’m excited.
I dressed up.

I prepared
to meet the person of my dreams.

I’m surprised, it’s me.

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