6 Simple Things We’re Grateful for at BoominGroup

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I’ve had the pleasure of discovering BoominGroup in March of this year. While I continue to learn all the facets of our entrepreneur collective, I see ourself as a tight-knit, small mom-and-pop shop with a global reach and serendipitous business relationships. We often cite ourself as an ecosystem where our brands, partners, and members support and complement each other so our businesses can all thrive.

We have many goals as a team, but in this bite-size version, we serve from our hearts and want you to have the tools to experience business in a whole new way altogether. In this whole new way of experiencing business, you, your business, and your passion are an integrated whole. Taking care of business means aligning with yourself first. And one way to align with yourself is to simply be thankful. When you practice gratitude, you open your mind to a whole new way of seeing circusmstances. That’s what the science behind gratitude tells us.

You might have heard this rumor by now, but it’s true. Each Friday we do a round of gratitude where we take turns sharing what we’ve been grateful for in the week. It can be as simple as the sleep we had the night before, or as thought-provoking as a breakthrough we received. Expressing our gratitude in a round-table is our commitment to ourselves and the team so we maintain alignment with our purpose.

So even as we experience the heavy transition of the election and future-defining circumstances like Standing Rock, we humbly take back this Thanksgiving season to maintain delight in practicing gratitude. We do this by uttering the things we can be thankful for. As entrepreneurs and business owners, we all know that our work is the essence of who we are, so implementing a daily practice of gratitude within your business activities can tweak your momentum in ways you might have never experienced before. We encourage you to try it, and let this Thanksgiving Day be the day you start.

To get you going we’ve rounded up 6 simple things we’re thankful for.

We are grateful for:

#1 – Communication Technology

It may sound cliche, but we’re thankful for technology. It allows us to communicate with our team and clients. We can power through our clients’ needs and deliver the product, all through technology. We’re able to work remotely, or from home, with no loss of productivity. We use platforms like Skype, Zoom, Asana, InDesign, Photoshop, Rails, WordPress, Harvest, and the list goes on. We’re thankful for them all.

#2 – Asana – Systems that keep the ball rolling

Asana is a project management platform that holds all our team’s workflow and systems. When someone from the team is missing, our process continues to move forward. Without structure and systems, a business can’t function, nor can it last, no matter how visionary your idea is. And a project management platform -or any platform for that matter, can only be as effective as the commitment you put into it. It took our team some time to get behind Asana and we’ve learned that it takes a collective effort to build the system of cooperation to make platforms like Asana work. After that initial step, that system takes care of you.

#3 – Water

We are grateful for water. And we are grateful for clean drinking water that come out of our faucets. We can not ever take this for granted. Water not only hydrates, calms, and cleanses, it also makes for great coffee recipes.

#4 – Working remotely

Being able to work remotely is a valuable aspect of how we run our business. It’s efficient in most cases, and it allows us to reach partners and clients far and wide. In fact, one of team members is based in Guatemala. Being able to work remotely helps our carbon footprint and saves us a lot of time when we anticipate troubling traffic. We’re grateful for this flexibility.

#5 – Safe commutes

For those of us who commute, we’re grateful for road safety. We’re thankful to be skilled drivers, and as silly as it may sound, thankful for the hedge of protection around us on the road.

#6 –  Serendipitous Relationships

I’m learning that when you’re committed to your values and you put your effort into aligning yourself with things that cultivate your growth, amazing things start to open up. It’s no surprise to find ourself (“ourself as Booming”) in relationships that continue to cultivate that growth. Some call this serendipity. I myself am grateful to witness the relationships I’ve seen blossom within the BoominGroup ecosystem, and how they somehow organically appear and fall into place. We can not take this for granted. We’re grateful for the awesome people in the Booming ecosystem.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day! Let’s begin everyday gratitude, today.

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