Practice Your Way out of Powerlessness Into Freedom

Last week, we launched the first article in our series on freedom. We talked about recognizing love and inner power and the balance between, in order to reach what The Booming Model describes as a state of allowing. This state of allowing brings light into the what the true essence of freedom looks like and is a foundation of the entrepreneurial mindset.

The foundation of your business needs to be strong. There are many entrepreneurs and business owners who feel helpless in relation to their fears, anger, attraction, passion, and external situations. You are not alone.

Consider this: these emotions and attitudes are an indication that you are disconnected from inner power. Indulging your powerless behavior doesn’t really feel good. This way of thinking zaps your energy, drains your confidence, degrades your character, and hacks away at your integrity. Actually, if we take an honest look, we are miserable and exhausted. Yet, like a drug we keep choosing powerlessness. This isn’t freedom.

Jealousy, seeking approval, chronic complaining, playing the blame game, self-pity, defensiveness, power games (seeking control through imposition) and emotional neediness are all aspects of powerless behavior. If a person or circumstance can influence you to the point where you lose your sense of stability, wisdom and character, you are not fully connected with your inner power. When you are truly connected with your inner power, nothing can influence you or your stability. This is freedom.

Build a strong foundation by releasing your need to defend your powerlessness. Time management is a perfect example to illustrate what defending powerlessness looks like. So many entrepreneurs complain that they, “don’t have enough time.” Then, when the time comes to create their ideal schedule, they have an infinite amount of reasons (excuses) why their schedule is filled up with activities, obligations and so-called responsibilities, usually time spent on others. We hear, “I have to do this because this person has done so many things for me in the past.” We hear so many, “I have tos.” Each time you defend your powerlessness, you make an internal choice to stay in or with the circumstance (the very circumstance that you have a desire to change).

Powerlessness, and your defense of it, becomes an excuse, an internal belief, a habit, and even an addiction. Without making a commitment to change, you can’t really internalize any teachings or instruction towards finding balance. There is no force that can override your connection to inner power, once you make a choice. This choice is true freedom.

Connect with inner power

Connecting with inner power is a choice which eventually enables you to integrate the nature of power in your being. You can visit as many therapists as you want, you can pay as many consultants as you want, you can have as many great spiritual retreats or teachers. In the end, the freedom you seek is only possible when you make a choice to step into your power.

The true essence of freedom is living in such a way that no external circumstance or force can influence you into a state of instability. Freedom from the nature of dark and light is not possible (at least as we know of today for human existence). Freedom from how the dark and light influences us, is a rigorous practice, yet completely possible and doable. When we make a choice that no matter what should arise, we remain stable and objective, then freedom is attained.

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