ReThink Business (formerly Booming Magazine) was launched by BoominGroup to create a resource, and an environment for entrepreneurs to share their knowledge, curiosities, insights, discoveries, and breakthroughs within their entrepreneurial journey.

BoominGroup created this platform to support and advance entrepreneurs who hold a vision for a more positive future and are actively delivering value to make that vision real.

Booming Magazine expanded and evolved into ReThink Business to capture both personal journey and its role within the global movement of redefining business as a force for good.

We experience the greatest advances in science and technology with the greatest amount of opportunity, yet we continue to see a plummeting global economy and happiness index.

We see that business is used only to produce profits, and often for a select few. Though business is extremely powerful, there are still over 2 billion people in extreme poverty that haven’t benefited from business at all.

We see a massive misuse and misallocation of resources on a global scale, as well as on a micro level, down to how individuals choose to manage their personal resources.

As we continue to experience the ironies in business and progress, this platform explores how we can set ourselves apart from “business as usual.”

Life can be different and we think a change will happen through business. We believe this shift has to ignite from all levels: personally, subconsciously, societally, governmentally, culturally and economically. In each of our categories, you’ll discover insights that address the individual, The Go-Getter; The Business; and The Bottom Line–those things that are most essential in society, culture, and economy.

This platform is designed to raise the collective voice of everyday go-getters to shift the paradigm of business by way of their own entrepreneurial journey.