The Booming Collective

The Booming Collective is a global community of entrepreneurs learning, growing and building together. At the heart of The Booming Collective is a passion for entrepreneurship. We created The Booming Collective to support and advance entrepreneurs in every corner of the world. We love that they have a vision for a more positive future and that they are actively delivering value to make that vision real. We are inspired that they work tirelessly, with great sacrifice, to steward the fruits of their gifts, talents, and labors to the benefit of all. We respect that they have chosen the road less traveled. Risked. Taken the leap to do something they love and believe in. Something that makes them happy and fulfilled, no matter how weird it might seem.

The Booming Collective evolved not just from other entrepreneurs’ need for support, but also from our need for support. As we were building our own businesses we experienced that the world of an entrepreneur can be exciting and fulfilling, and also at times challenging, overwhelming, lonely and isolating. We have heard the same from hundreds of entrepreneurs. We learned that building business skills is just as important as building the person and people behind the business. We experienced that personal growth, drives the growth of the business. We realized that connection to the Heart is vital to every step of an entrepreneur.

We have spent many years studying the underlying causes of common challenges, roadblocks, fears and “pain points” that arise when you choose to take the courageous leap to entrepreneurship. We have implemented all of our research, experiences, tools and data into a model called The Booming Model.

The cornerstone of The Booming Collective experience is engagement with The Booming Model. Within The Booming Collective, you receive ongoing support and guidance from experienced Booming Model facilitators via group work and/or one-on-one strategy sessions. You get to connect to a global network of heart centered, and like-minded entrepreneurs who help each other navigate the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life. Together we share experiences, replicate successes, and course-correct where needed. You’ll also find products and services tailored to the entrepreneurial life – discounted web and branding services, wellness products, and much more. The result is a comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship that increases the rate of success for both the entrepreneur and the business.

Please check out The Booming Collective’s website for a sneak peak at what it’s about.

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