In Search of a Trusted Business Mentor

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Having a trusted business mentor is not just a fad in the list of things-to-have in our increasingly complex world of wants and needs. Having a mentor provides the basic structure for lifelong learning in tandem with your business success. It gives you the checks-and-balances that allow you to deepen your relationship with yourself, a key component of being a well-grounded entrepreneur.

The question really is, are you ready?

Most often this mentor/menti relationship (if there is such a word) simply blooms organically out of your associations with like-minded people and professional networks. And as we recognize our need for guidance in our entrepreneurial journey, the process of finding the right source of help can pose as a place of insecurity within itself.

While thinking of our own mentors and how we began to develop our relationships, we reflected on this known quote, whose origins are quite unknown:

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Will Appear (3)

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Will Appear

This quote can be interpreted literally and figuratively. It lends us some certainty on our readiness and the push to initiate a mentorship.

Literal Translation

In a literal translation, we understand that when you’ve exhausted all the learning opportunities, you’re ready for a new teacher or lesson.

Figurative Translation

We use the example of a martial arts student who was thinking about how he learned motor skills. He observed his instructor’s sequence of movements over time which he must have seen thousands of times over the years. Every so often, he would notice what appeared to be “new” technical aspects, and had often wondered why his instructor would apply those movements.

Sure enough the instructor would make tweaks to his performance, but what the student realized was that it was more about him not seeing clearly to begin with. It’s all a matter of where we are at any given time and what we are open to accepting or understanding,” according to the student. He never appreciated it before, but he realized that certain movements fulfilled specific outcomes. In this translation, it’s about being open to and acting on the knowledge gained.

Our Twist

For us, this quote is a true reflection of growth, ability to appreciate different events, or circumstances as lessons, and desire to get to the next level. When you are truly ready, the opportunity of the lesson, or the right people, will present itself, as a result of the actions you’ve taken and the homework you’ve done.

A Trusted Business Mentor

Developing your business involves many different types of relationships from your present and past. The truth is, when you start exhibiting a phase when you’re ready for more learning, you will attract the right people who will stick out as trusted mentors. This has been our experience. Don’t feel hesitant to nurture that relationship.

Remember, a trusted mentor is someone without judgment. Someone who shows you the possibilities, but gives you the space to choose. An experienced person who projects all the potentialities of your ideas, but humble enough to share their vulnerabilities such that they too are open to your wisdom. A mentor is someone who navigates your challenges, reminds you of your strengths, and helps open doors. This is a person who can help you brainstorm and bounce ideas.

Have you reached the stage where a particular person sticks out to you? Who is this person?

If you can’t identify anyone among your personal or professional connections who sticks out as a business mentor, it may be time to reach out to external networking resources such as masterminds, meetups, and online business communities, taking on the literal approach of the quote. In slight contrast, there are also online coaching platforms like our own, the Booming Collective, which gives you the guided framework that fosters momentum so you can reach the readiness for “the teacher to appear.”

Having a business mentor is critical for your development. Gaining the confidence to nurture a relationship and trusting that potential mentor requires your conscious effort. When you’re fully in your game and engaged, the instrumental people who will shape into your mentor will also be drawn to your exciting growth. Take this moment now to step into your search for a trusted business mentor.

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