A tectonic shift in our “selling” culture

Sales have gotten a bad rap until now. But I say, whatever our form of selling might be, we should feel great about selling.  From the moment we pick up the phone to make a sales call, send that first email, or greet a potential client, we should feel like we are engaged in an exciting adventure.  My perspective is that if you are coming from the right place, sales will be natural, fun, and produce outstanding results.  I call this The Heart of Sales.

The Heart of Sales is fundamentally about busting up the stigma about selling.  And there is a stigma.  Just the word “sales” for too long has conjured up dark images, is thought to be fake, slick, overconfident, full of pricing gimmicks and manipulative power-plays.  Right?

Over the last 10 years, a fundamental shift has taken place and the culture of selling has transformed. Now equally, the sales professional, the “accidental salesperson” and the customer, should be interested in the new model of sales.

The new sales paradigm has moved away from a persuasive, manipulative, male dominated, technique-driven science, to a much more inclusive, conversational, authentic, long-term, relationship-based art.  Gone are the days when the salesperson could primarily use technique to convince or persuade the customer to buy or do something.

A transformation is taking place in the wider sales community as well. In the same way that feminine energy is manifesting in our world, there is also a more feminine approach in the sales arena.  This approach is more community-based and relationship-oriented.  It focuses on long-term rather than short-term benefit.  It is love and wisdom-based.  It is nurturing, collaborative and cooperative.  Those who can learn and embrace this new paradigm will benefit greatly.

This transformation demands the very best of you, the salesperson – whatever shape or form your “selling” takes.  For me the three key elements are 1) You must come from a natural place, your authentic self.  2) You must receive your clients with genuine interest and curiosity.  3) You must skillfully and knowledgeably transfer enthusiasm and value to your client. The new paradigm is unmotivated by fear and free of attachments.  This is the mission of Heart of Sales.


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A tectonic shift in our “selling” culture

Sales have gotten a bad rap until now. But I say, whatever...
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